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Artist Profile: Playwright Aileen Kyoko

"It was a priority for me to cast The Year of the Solar Eclipse with diversity in mind. As a minority writer and director, I knew this was my opportunity to finally have some control over that. I love theatre because it can be much more inclusive than film..."


The Year of the Solar Eclipse Comes to Planet Connections

"Aileen Kyoko, Ezra Bynum and Matthew Tyler present Ms. Kyoko's engrossing dramedy about three friends during a solar eclipse. As the world moves from light to day and back to light, the three friends begin a journey in which their lives resemble the eclipse..."


Review of The Year of the Solar Eclipse

"The whole thing is just so relatable with a strong storyline lead by charismatic characters. The play has the pace and wit of a movie, but is more intense and impressive because actors are there in front of you, live, being genuinely funny and talented..."


Exclusive Coverage: Aileen Kyoko

"I’m still growing as an artist on every level but I’ve learned so much about trusting your voice creatively. When you put something out there it’s always going to have your unique voice and finding it and honing it is such a process..."

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Wanna meet an interesting playwright...

"I am naturally drawn towards working in dramedy because to me, that’s what life is. I love going into the depth of life challenges but also being able to see it through the lens of comedy. Because trust me, there’s always something to laugh at..."

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Great Show Under the Sun

"During the play they experience a lifetime of self-discovery.  Their relationships meld, strain and reconnect as they go through love found,  love lost, betrayal and reconciliation..."