Announcing Auditions for the 2019 reimagining of The Year of the Solar Eclipse

“The Year of the Solar Eclipse” premiered in 2018 at the Planet Connections Theatre festival with sold out shows and six nominations. The 2019 reimagining of “The Year of the Solar Eclipse” will be performed at the Off-Broadway theatre, The Wild Project in East Village December 2nd-8th 2019 with 8 shows. Auditions will be held August 3rd and 4th weekend! Self-tapes are also welcomed.

About the play:

The Year of the Solar Eclipse is a dramedy that follows three women in a shocking year of love lost, love found and self-discovery.

When three best friends gather to watch the solar eclipse, they have no idea how their own lives are about to change. Angelina's fear of intimacy is brought to the surface when she opens herself up in a new way. Ivy's life hits a crisis when she faces being alone for the first time. And Elle finally confronts her secret past. Ultimately they are faced with the same question: to run from or confront their shadow.


1) Please read the character descriptions below.

2) Email (there is a DOT in that email) with your headshot, website, resume, and reel. Please include which characters you would like to submit for in the email.

3) If chosen to audition you will receive an email with sides and an audition slot. Auditions are held August 3rd and 4th. Self-tape is also accepted- please specify if you would like to submit a tape.

Thank you for your interest!



ANGELINA (LEAD) Female, Late 20’s to Early 30’s 

A sex writer and a professional dominatrix. Magnetic, funny, sexy and talkative. Angelina has created a life with boundaries and control protecting her secret profession and her heart from any wounds.

IVY (LEAD) Female, Late 20’s to Early 30’s 

A humble singer-songwriter. Charismatic, warmhearted and overly-giving. When Ivy surprises her boyfriend Noah with a trip to Cuba, he surprises her with a break-up. Heartbroken, Ivy moves in with Angelina and dives into her first experience being single in New York City and navigating her shadow: being alone. (MUST BE ABLE TO SING AND PLAY AN INSTRUMENT. PLEASE BE PREPARED TO BRING IN A SONG TO THE AUDITION)

ELLE (LEAD) Female, Late 20’s to Early 30’s 

A firey and quirky perfectionist. Mess kills her. Elle is engaged to Jason and her life on paper is perfect. As the year unravels she must face a secret that she has been painfully carrying for years. Through therapy Elle examines her current relationship with her fiance, her friends and to herself. (Strong dramatic skills required)

MAYA (SUPPORTING) Female, Early to late 30’s

A quirky therapist and sweet therapist with an unexpected wild and sexy personal life. She's married to James- together they enjoy threesomes and sex parties.

WILL (SUPPORTING) Male, Early to mid 30’s 

A smooth talking confident charmer. Wishes he was more of a bad boy because he’s secretly the sweetest. Angelina's love interest.

NOAH (SUPPORTING), Male Late 20’s to mid 30’s

Reformed bad boy. Artsy- the type that works as a graphic designer at fancy agencies in New York. Breaks up with his longtime girlfriend.

RIVER/DONALD (SUPPORTING), Male Late 20’s to mid 30’s

River: Broke, narcissistic hippie artist. He wears psychedelic shirts and has an obsession with ponies. He is one of Angelina’s submissive clients. (Strong comedy skills needed)

Donald: A climbing the ladder preppy banker who enjoys boat rides and the gym. A former frat boy who sleeps with Ivy (Strong comedy skills needed)

*One actor plays both roles

JASON/JAMES (SUPPORTING), Male Early- late 30’s

Jason: Traditionally masculine. Has a typical corporate 9-5. In his personal life he strives to be as relaxed and comfortable as possible. Engaged to Elle and unaware of any issues in their relationship.

James: A British corporate lawyer. Eccentric and attention grabbing. He takes being sex positive very seriously. (British accent. Strong comedy skills needed)

*One actor plays both roles

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